Bob Bennett Layout Description

Layout Owner/Location

   Owner/Builder’s name(s)

Bob Bennett

   Contact phone number(s)


   Contact email

   Layout address

15 Chadwick Hill Dr.  So. China, off Rt. 32 S.



   Parking capacity/where and how to park?

10-12 cars/along the street

   Any landmarks to look for to help find location?

Chadwick Hill Cemetery on left coming from Rt. 3/Erskine Academy on left coming from Windsor. Chadwick Hill Dr. Is on the right coming from Rt.3 and on the left coming from Windsor on Rt. 32, just past EA.

Layout Description

   Name of railroad

South China and Sheepscot River (SC&SR)



   Approximate size of layout (ft.)


   Length of mainline track (ft.)


   Theme of the model railroad

Maine Two Footers in On30 scale

   Prototype roads represented


   Era or time frame


   Motive power type (diesel, steam, traction, electric)

Mostly steam / one small diesel

   Freight, passenger, or both?


   Based on prototype or freelanced?


   Scenery methods and % complete

Traditional- 40-50 % complete

   Track % complete


   Control system (DC, DCC & brand, proprietary)


   Will trains be running during the visit?

Trains will run

   Other interesting information about the layout

Mostly scratchbuilt and kit bashed structures and rolling stock. All cars built to 2 foot standards except for gauge. High level of detail throughout.

Layout Viewing

   ADA accessible?  Describe limitations

No; layout in basement with access only by stairs

   Aisle width/ ranges (ft.)

Clearances are tight and aisle width is restricted

   Maximum visitors allowed in layout area at one time


   Average time to view layout?  (min.)


   Any unique characteristics?


Bob Bennett photo 3 Bob Bennett photo 2 Bob Bennett photo 1

Bob Bennett’s SC&SR models a fictional Maine narrow gauge railroad in the 1950's. The scale is On30 and the rolling stock is essentially built to prototype Maine two foot dimensions, save for the gauge of the trucks. The locos are all from Bachmann and include four Forneys plus some other "possible" motive power. The layout features two mainline towns, Strong and Albion, plus a branch to a smaller community, Bigelow. Albion features a waterfront and a downtown area while Strong is more "smalltown." At this point, the layout is maybe 30% completed and will be further along by the Tour.Bob is much more of a builder rather than an operator, but there are a number of opportunities for switching on the layout what with team tracks, industries and freight house sidings. There are several areas where he swaps out different structures including flagstop stations and water tanks and he has diligently tried to capture the flavor of Maine from sixty years ago.