Boothbay Railway Village Layout Description

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Layout Owner/Location

   Owner/Builder’s name(s)

Boothbay Railway Village

   Contact phone number(s)


   Contact email

   Layout address

586 Wiscasset Road, Boothbay, ME

   GPS accurate for this address? (y/n)


   Parking capacity/where and how to park?

Ample parking, ride our narrow gauge steam train for a fun trip to top of the hill to get to the layout building

   Any landmarks to look for to help find location?

Large sign for museum, turn left just past Shore Hills Campground

Layout Description

   Name of railroad




HO, HOn30 and G

   Approximate size of layout (ft.)

46 by 20 feet

   Length of mainline track (ft.)

220 feet mainline with almost 400 feet of other track, plus 120 turnouts thrown by Tortoise switch machines

   Theme of the model railroad

Maine standard and narrow gauge railroading

   Prototype roads represented


   Era or time frame

Mid 1940s to 1960

   Motive power type (diesel, steam, traction, electric)

Diesel, steam

   Freight, passenger, or both?

Freight and passenger

   Based on prototype or freelanced?

Generic Maine railroading

   Scenery methods and % complete

Hydrocal hardshell and extruded foam.  Many scenes complete, others in progress

   Track % complete

100% code 83 NS flex track on main line; Peco HOn30 track on narrow gauge

2 track G scale loop around the lobby and into the train room above the doors

   Control system (DC, DCC & brand, proprietary)

Digitrax Super Chief DCC with radio throttles

G scale is DC

   Will trains be running during the visit?


   Other interesting information about the layout

The layout is located in a purpose-built building that is a replica of the historic Maine freight station at Bowdoinham.  L-girder style bench work with ¾” plywood, cork roadbed

Layout Viewing

   ADA accessible?  Describe limitations

Yes, no limitations. Short ramp on entrance

   Aisle width/ ranges (ft.)

ADA compliant with added space at end of aisles to accommodate wheelchair turning aroundb

   Maximum visitors allowed in layout area at one time

On a busy day we have had 15 to 20 or more

   Average time to view layout?  (min.)

10 minutes to an hour J

   Any unique characteristics?

Double track standard gauge main line loop, able to easily run 4 trains at one time

Operating block signals system and grade crossing signals 95% complete

Central Dispatch panel is complete and local control panels are in progress

Loop to loop narrow gauge, turnouts at loops automatically throw

Many locomotives sound equipped

Many small scenes with people doing things

Roundhouse, turntable and servicing area; large yard

Dragon Products cement plant and quarry

Street running on Commercial St. in Portland, coal dealer, B&M Baked Beans plant

Fishing village with boat yard and swing bridge

Horse farm, and pumpkin patch