Ken & Judi Koenke’s Layout Description

Layout Owner/Location
*Owner/Builder’s name(s) Ken & Judi Koenke
*Contact phone number(s) 207-865-0673
*Contact email
*Layout address 37 Bow Street, Freeport, ME 04032
*GPS accurate for this address? (y/n) Y
   Parking capacity/where and how to park? Next to house. More parking at Garden Inn on Park Street
   Any landmarks to look for to help find location? Bow St. is opposite L.L. Bean on Rt 1. House is 2 blocks down, across tracks.
Layout Description
*Name of railroad Saratoga Northern
*Scale(s) S, code 100 and some (20%) hi-rail
   Approximate size of layout (ft.) 18’ x 60’
   Length of mainline track (ft.) Double track main, about 200’
   Theme of the model railroad Midwest 1950’s
   Prototype roads represented RI, MP, UP, GN, MKT
   Era or time frame 1950’s
   Motive power type (diesel, steam, traction, electric) Diesel, steam and non-functioning traction
   Freight, passenger, or both? Both
   Based on prototype or freelanced? Mostly prototype
   Scenery methods and % complete Various
   Track % complete 95% complete
   Control system (DC, DCC & brand, proprietary) DC
   Will trains be running during the visit? Yes, freight & passenger
   Other interesting information about the layout Center of attention is a Union Station serving 5 railroads with a simulated trolley line going downtown. Inner peninsula is hi-rail and mostly freight with an incomplete winter scene and a railroad museum.
Layout Viewing
   ADA accessible?   Describe limitations No, front steps to house and basement steps
   Aisle width/ ranges (ft.) Average 2’; minimum 20”
   Maximum visitors allowed in layout area at one time 6 – 8
   Average time to view layout?   (min.) 15 – 20 minutes
   Any unique characteristics? Some rolling stock is scratchbuilt. Layout is about 25% city, 25% small town, 25% eastern Kansas country, 25% Colorado mountains.