Larry Cannon Layout Descriptions

Layout Owner/Location
   Owner/Builder’s name(s) Larry Cannon
   Contact phone number(s) 786-3929
   Contact email
   Layout address 516 Pond Road, Lewiston, ME
   GPS accurate for this address? (y/n) Yes
   Parking capacity/where and how to park? 12+ cars, driveway and street side on lawn
   Any landmarks to look for to help find location? Driveway on the opposite side of the street has an earthmover tire either side of that driveway.
Layout Description
   Name of railroad Otter Valley Railroad
   Scale(s) HO
   Approximate size of layout (ft.) 400+ square feet
   Length of mainline track (ft.) 250'+
   Theme of the model railroad  Northern New England
   Prototype roads represented CP, CN, D&H, MEC, OVR,CV
   Era or time frame 1980-1990
   Motive power type (diesel, steam, traction, electric) Diesel
   Freight, passenger, or both? Freight and two fictitious Budd cars owned by the State of Vermont
   Based on prototype or freelanced? Some of both
   Scenery methods and % complete Two level shelf layout 90%
   Track % complete 99%
   Control system (DC, DCC & brand, proprietary) NCE DCC
   Will trains be running during the visit? Yes
   Other interesting information about the layout Most structures are scratch built styrene or heavily kit bashed
Layout Viewing
   ADA accessible?  Describe limitations No.  Stairs with hand railings on both sides; 56" high duck under.
   Aisle width/ ranges (ft.) 28" minimum/80+' of aisles
   Maximum visitors allowed in layout area at one time Approximately 12
   Average time to view layout?  (min.) 30-60 depending on interests
   Any unique characteristics? Place names and some industries are prototypical.

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