Mike Pedersen Layout Description

Layout Owner/Location

   Owner/Builder’s name(s)

Mike Pedersen

   Contact phone number(s)

(h)207-676-2639; (c)207-651-2540

   Contact email


   Layout address

75 Madison Street, North Berwick, ME 03906

   GPS accurate for this address? (y/n)


   Parking capacity/where and how to park?

4 in drive; others along street & side street

   Any landmarks to look for to help find location?

Near intersection of ME Routes 4 and 9 to Berwick

Layout Description

   Name of railroad

Western Maine Railroad



   Approximate size of layout (ft.)

16’ x 16’ in a U shape

   Length of mainline track (ft.)

About 50’

   Theme of the model railroad

Rural Maine shortline

   Prototype roads represented

Interchanges w/MEC and B&M

   Era or time frame

c. 1929

   Motive power type (diesel, steam, traction, electric)


   Freight, passenger, or both?

Both; mostly freight

   Based on prototype or freelanced?


   Scenery methods and % complete

Various. 10-15% “complete” & the rest partially complete.

   Track % complete

100%, most not yet ballasted.

   Control system (DC, DCC & brand, proprietary)

Digitrax DCC

   Will trains be running during the visit?


   Other interesting information about the layout

I consider it a learning experience and a testbed.  I tried different types of bench work and scenery techniques.  I have an expansion in mind to add a large yard, roundhouse and engine service facility.

Layout Viewing

   ADA accessible?  Describe limitations

No.  Steep stairs, a narrow aisle to the center of the layout, 48” bench height.

   Aisle width/ ranges (ft.)

Minimum 2’.

   Maximum visitors allowed in layout area at one time

Prefer no more than 6 at once.

   Average time to view layout?  (min.)

Probably about 15 minutes.

   Any unique characteristics?

I like to kitbash and scratchbuild (styrene) structures and kitbash rolling stock.

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