Peter McKenney’s Layout Description

*Owner/Builder’s name(s) Peter McKenney
Contact phone number(s) 776-2033
Contact email
Layout address 21 Nautical Drive, Cumberland Foreside
GPS accurate for this address? (y/n) Maybe. This is a new street and neighborhood (2016), so some GPS may not have it loaded yet.
Parking capacity/where and how to park? Only two spaces in the driveway. If driveway is full, park along the streets (corner lot).
Any landmarks to look for to help find location? Our neighborhood is accessed via US Route One. About 0.5 miles north of the Cumberland-Falmouth town line on US Route One, you will see Casco Bay Drive on the west side of US Route One. Casco Bay Drive entrance is opposite True Spring Drive which has a large sign more easily spotted. Also, if your GPS does not have 21 Nautical Drive in it, use True Spring Drive to find our access street. Once on Casco Bay Drive, take the first left which is Nautical Drive. Our home is at the end of the street, last house on the right.
Layout Description
Name of railroad Bangor and Aroostook RR, Fort Fairfield Branch
Scale(s) HO
Approximate size of layout (ft.) 25x15 and growing
Length of mainline track (ft.) 25 and growing
Theme of the model railroad Built to allow realistic operations following the prototype’s practices
Prototype roads represented BAR. Possibly in the future MEC and B&M, too, if I extend to NMJ!
Era or time frame 1952
Motive power type (diesel, steam, traction, electric) Overwhelmingly diesel; a few steamers as “engine house queens”
Freight, passenger, or both? Both
Based on prototype or freelanced? Prototypically based
Scenery methods and % complete Less than 20%
Track % complete Almost 75% on sections built
Control system (DC, DCC & brand, proprietary) DCC, Digitrax
Will trains be running during the visit? Yes
Other interesting information about the layout The layout is built in sections which can be disassembled and relocated if necessary. Several of the sections were in place in a former home and have been reassembled. Plans are to erect and build several more sections prior to the Tour. Stay tuned for updates.
Layout Viewing
ADA accessible? Describe limitations No. Staircase to the basement.
Access to the layout Enter the side door (facing Captains Way) to the garage. Once inside the garage, face right and go down the staircase.
Aisle width/ ranges (ft.) Ample
Maximum visitors allowed in layout area at one time 10
Average time to view layout? (min.) 10
Any unique characteristics? This layout is a combination of sections moved from a prior layout (2017) and the construction and addition of several more sections. Plans are to control all turnouts with Tortoises controlled by stationary decoders (Digitrax DS64s) which can be operated by either handheld Digitrax throttles or by pushing Touch Toggles installed in panels connected to the fascia. The BAR’s Fort Fairfield Branch had six sidings and depots in 1952. Plans are to build all of them based upon actual railroad track plans. A few key structures have already been built by Tom Oxnard, MMR, including the iconic brick station in Fort Fairfield. The story of modeling this structure was published in Railroad Model Craftsman (“Scratchbuilding a Unique Station”), June 2017 issue. Many more structures will be added over the coming years. Sanborn and ICC Valuation maps are being used to size the structures.