2017 Tour- General Information

The 2017 Maine Model Railroad Tour will be on September 16.   The Tour will be in the territory between the Brunswick Area and the Rockland Area, mostly in the US Route One Corridor.  More information will be added periodically as it becomes available, so visit this website routinely to learn the latest news about the Tour.   A list of layouts currently open for touring is at Maine Model Railroad Tour 2017 SCHEDULE

The 2017 Maine Railroad Tour will be designed to provide a variety of layouts in different scales, gauges, states of construction, and styles of scenery.  While it is physically possible for a visitor to plan an itinerary that will allow them to see all of the layouts, such an itinerary will not neccessarily give them adequate time to visit each and every layout comfortably.  The organizers strongly urge all visitors to thoughtfully review in advance the detailed descriptions of the layouts that will be provided and prioritize the layouts that are of most interest to them.  Layout descriptions can be found at 2017 Tour Layout Descriptions By self-selecting a sub-set of layouts to visit, visitors will have more time to spend on-site at the layouts of most interest to them.

To maximize your model railroad experience, consider carpooling with other eligible visitors.  You can talk "trains" while in the car and you can share observations while visiting the layouts.  Also, to minimize stress over reading maps while enroute, use a GPS unit to establish your driving routes.  To encourage layout owners to host visitors in the future, be mindful of the suggestions in Visitor Etiquette.  Have fun!!